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Pattern #1 - Chain Link Scarf

Pattern #29 - Cupcake Hat

Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 5 Progress Update

Hey everyone, this is Brittany with the latest progress entry. I know it has been quite some time since I have posted anything, but I promise I will next week. This is the last week of school for me, which means lots of long days and cleaning projects. This leaves little time for knitting. I am looking forward to getting back to my knitting needles VERY soon.

As normal you will see an update of how many projects we have completed, started, or are still waiting to be started. If a project is still waiting it may have a name next to it. Some may not because a few of them we are going to decide on later. As in previous update posts if the project name is colored pink it is in progress by Brittany and if colored green it is in progress by Em. If the project name is colored and crossed out that means it is completed. We will also have Pattern Entries linked next to each project as we update the blog with our evaluations and input on each pattern.

As of June 4, 2011:
25/60 Projects - Completed
13/60 Projects - Works In Progess
22/60 Projects - Waiting to be Started

Pattern #1 Chain-Link Scarf (Brittany)

Pattern #2 Cable Brim Tam (Brittany)

Pattern #3 Waffle Mittens - Project Entry

Pattern #4 Puppy Mittens

Pattern #5 Tweed Watch Cap - Project Entry

Pattern #6 Tied Rectangle Wrap

Pattern #7 Embroidered Mittens

Pattern #8 Lion Scarf

Pattern #9 Monkey Hat (Em)

Pattern #10 Diagonal Stripes Hat

Pattern #11 Wave Scarf - Project Entry

Pattern #12 Cables & Wraps Scarf

Pattern #13 Ribbed Wristers - In Progress Project Entry

Pattern #14 Zigzag Scarf (Em)

Pattern #15 Striped Bobbled Hat (Brittany)

Pattern #16 Ribbed Bonnet (Em)

Pattern #17 Plaid Mittens

Pattern #18 Striped Graduated Scarf

Pattern #19 Twisted Toque

Pattern #20 Textured Triple-Stripe Scarf

Pattern #21 Birdcage Mittens

Pattern #22 Bobbles & Cables Cap - Project Entry

Pattern #23 Smocked Fingerless Mitts - Project Entry

Pattern #24 Mittered Scarf

Pattern #25 Ribbed Keyhole Scarf

Pattern #26 Basketweave Scarf - Project Entry

Pattern #27 Scalloped-Edge Beanie - Project Entry

Pattern #28 Reverse Stockinette Mittens

Pattern #29 Cupcake Hat (Brittany)

Pattern #30 Eyelet Scarf

Pattern #31 Garter-Ridged Hat

Pattern #32 Garter-Stitch Neck Wrap

Pattern #33 Pocket Cap (Em)

Pattern #34 Checkered Mittens - Project Entry

Pattern #35 Textured Tam (Em)

Pattern #36 Leaf Scarf (Em)

Pattern #37 Mock Cable Wristers - In Progress Project Entry Completed Project Entry

Pattern #38 Garter-Ridged Scarf

Pattern #39 Cables & Stripes Mittens - Project Entry

Pattern #40 Tweed Mittens - Project Entry

Pattern #41 Pocket Scarf

Pattern #42 Ribbed Pillbox

Pattern #43 Octopus Mittens (Brittany)

Pattern #44 Tasseled Topper (Em)

Pattern #45 Bunny Mittens - Project Entry

Pattern #46 Leaf-Lace Gauntlets (Em)

Pattern #47 Striped & Ruffled Wrap

Pattern #48 Starfish Hat - Project Entry

Pattern #49 Slip-Stitched Hat - Project Entry

Pattern #50 Ruffled Scarf (Brittany)

Pattern #51 Cabled-Cuff Mittens - In Progress Project Entry

Pattern #52 Cabled Scarf Hat - In Progress Project Entry

Pattern #53 Two-Color Slip-Stitched Hat - Project Entry

Pattern #54 Twisted-Rib Hat (Em)

Pattern #55 Triple-Cable Scarf

Pattern #56 Flip-Top Mittens

Pattern #57 Drop-Stitch Neck Wrap

Pattern #58 Spotted Fair Isle Mittens

Pattern #59 Hugs & Kisses Mittens - In Progress Project Entry Completed Project Entry

Pattern #60 Scandinavian Mittens

More information to come soon!

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