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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pattern #13 Ribbed Wristers & Pattern #37 Mock Cable Wristers

Wristers! Wristers! Wristers!

Tis the Season for making wristers!

I am going to Stitches West in less than a week! I am so excited!

I'm going to stitches with these two people...and the boss, Tracy!

I am helping out at the Interlacements Booth (AKA BEHIND THE YARN BARN). While I am there, I want to show off the amazing Interlacements Yarns to potential customers. Since Tracy, Tanya and Zoe rejected the idea of me chasing people around in a big yarn ball costume (jk!) I decided to knit some small Interlacement projects to wear while I was working in the booth. Trick is, I'm from Wisconsin, so we believe warm is 22 degrees. Therefore, I can't be wearing something heavy. The answer? WRISTERS! And since there are knitted wristers in the 60 Quick Knits Book...well...isn't it obvious?

I started off with the Ribbed Wristers (13th Pattern in 60 Quick Knits).

They looked simple enough that if I was going to be doing something with other people, I could still work on these without any issue. Naturally, since I am working with Interlacements, I am using Interlacements Yarn. Tanya and I went up to see Tracy on Wednesday to do some last minute things before we packed everything for California. In result, I walked away with Silk Fooyoung! I believe the yarn is new. I have never worked with the yarn before so having it between my fingers was a real treat. The nice part of Silk Fooyoung is that the yarn is warm but it isn't too thick. Therefore, it's great for wearing while working in the booth at Stitches West!

The downside to the pattern is that they really aren't very long. I'm saddened on how the pattern is written up. Knit until a certain amount of inches, then do two things for the thumb, knit a few more rows and you are done. It is all fine and dandy to knit 5 1/2 inches on a skinny model, but for somebody who has stubby hands, well, it didn't work so well. The pattern really isn't long enough to cover my hands like in the picture.

I also find it silly to make the thumb. According to the pattern, you cast off 6 stitches, cast on 6 stitches for the gusset. Then when working on the thumb, you pick up 6 stitches and knit the 12 stitches for 7 rounds. I feel that there are too many stitches for this thumb. It was a battle to find 6 pick up stitches that didn't create any major holes. I still had to go back and spend a great deal of time finishing these wristers. My thumb is hanging around loose. Needless to say, if it wasn't for Silk Fooyoung, I'd make Brittany do the other mitten.

My story gets better...I found the Mock Cable Wristers (37th Pattern in 60 Quick Knits) and fell in love.

I selected Interlacement's California Yarn for this project. Needless to say...I LOVE this pattern! <3 The mock cable is absolutely brilliant! I loved seeing how it was working up on the California yarn. The way she had me do the thumb gusset made more sense to me than the last pattern. I liked how we had reverse st st instead of just plain boring st st. The texture gave a lot of contrast to this project.

The only downside to this pattern is they don't specify which row of the mock pattern you are supposed to be on when you are doing the first gusset row. It is unclear whether you make 6 full rounds or 5 full rounds before you do the first row of the gusset. Since my hands are shorter in the palm area and longer in the finger area, I decided to do 5 and then the thumb gusset. One row isn't going to make that much of an impact on something like this and besides, as long as I stick to the mock pattern, I'm all good.

Now I am going to need a scarf to go with these either the Leaf Scarf (35) or the Triple-Cable Scarf (55), Brittany doesn't care for cables so I'll probably be making both:)

I see that Anne Farnham also made the Starfish Hat (Pattern 48 in 60 Quick Knits) as well. This pattern really made me want to make that hat too. If it is as clearly written as the Mock Cable Wristers, I'm in love!

That's all for now!

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  1. Hello, I'm a new knitter and I'm sooo happy to have found this blog as this is exactly the book I am starting out with. I have been *agonizing* over the thumb in the ribbed wristers pattern... almost to the point where it was becoming an obsession for me. I just couldn't get it to look right with no big holes. I was pretty sure I was doing something wrong... so imagine my relief to find this blog entry written by an expert knitter that confirms that it's not just me! Needless to say, I will be probably be back here a lot! Thanks so much for making this blog!!!