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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pattern #59 Hugs and Kisses Mittens - Completed

Hey everybody it is Em (yet again!)

The Xo Xo Mittens...are...DONE!!

Now that they are completed, I am able to give a full review on how I feel about these mittens.  I really enjoyed making them.  This pattern teaches a person about mock cables and doing real cables.   The last time I made these mittens, I ended up making 2 left handed mittens.  However, this time I read the entire directions and made the correct mittens.

The hardest thing I discovered was making the thumbs.  Now I am no stranger to thumb making...but I must tell you, purling a bunch of stitches causes "ladders" in your knitting.  This means that the stitches at the end of your DPNS are not as tight as the other stitches.  This usually happens when one is just starting to use DPNS.  I did it a lot when I started.  The more you get used to the tension, the better your knitting gets.  And the less you see those ladders.  I had a hard time getting rid of my ladder stitches.  I had to pull and pull and pull.  My hands hurt so badly I had to take a break from knitting.

With my other thumb, I decided to turn my work inside out.  That way, I could just knit in the round, verses purling.  As I did this, I discovered I had no ladders running along my thumbs. 

I gave Alyssa her mittens this morning.  She fell in love with them.  That made me happy!  I hope to bump into her wearing them:)

That's all for now!

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