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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pattern #33 Pocket Cap

Hey Everybody it is Em!!!

This week I am writing about the Pocket Cap. 

This is a very quick knit.  I made it in one afternoon.   This is even the bigger size.  Although I am quite curious who would be able to fit in the smaller hat.  I gave this hat to my cousin's new 6 week old baby girl.  This hat fits her perfectly.  I am normally a "right on target" knitter.  I have always been lucky with gauge (rarely check it anymore). 

This hat is perfect for little kids.  They will be intrigued by the pocket and still be kept warm. 

The only "difficult" part of this hat is making the pocket.  I would make that first.  Keep it on a double pointed needle and be ready to add when the time comes.

The only complaint I have about this hat is the pocket of the cap tends to stick out.  Maybe using a bigger button might make a difference.  I used three hot pink beads to make my button.  It didn't work as well as it could have...

When it is time to add it, just line up the stitches and knit one stitch from your circular and one stitch from your double point together.  

I used Cascade 220 Heathers 2452 Turtle for the MC  I used Dark Horse Fantasy for the CC.

Happy Knitting! See you soon!

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