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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pattern #42 Bunny Mittens!

Hey It's Em!

I love knitting mittens!!! They are some of my favorite things to make. I've been working on all sorts of different types of mittens. Most recently, I have been working on the Bunny Mittens from 60 Quick Knits book. Thus far, I love the pattern. It is simply written. They were also very quick to make. I made one mitten in only a few hours!!! I just finished off the pink nose only a few minutes ago.

Where should these beautiful mittens go? I do not know any young girls that would benefit from these awesome mittens, so I am thinking of donating these mittens to the Green Bay Girl Choir Art Gala Fundraiser. The girls need arts and crafts to be autioned off. This will help girls who are not able to afford Girl Choir to have financial opportunities to join the choir.

I need to pick up some buttons for my bunnies eyes. I'm thinking of some tiny pastel pink buttons. The tiny ones that go on men shirts. Add a little pink thread and VOILA, I have cute little bunny mittens!

I'm also trying to locate some type of tool to help me make a pom-pom for the tail. The last time I made a pom-pom like that I ended up having the thing fall apart on me. If I'm going to be donating this (or whatever-ing this) I do not want it to fall apart!!!

That is all for now!

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