To make it easy to find the pattern you are looking for click on a picture below to go to the project details. We only have the projects that are currently completed, but we will add more and eventually have all of them here for you to navigate through.

Pattern #1 - Chain Link Scarf

Pattern #29 - Cupcake Hat

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pattern #3 Waffle Mittens

Hey Fellow Cascade 220 60 Quick Knit Followers!

It is Em!

It has been extremely nuts in my life recently! I have had ZERO time to knit anything! Since it is Easter Season, I do not knit as much.  This is to help preserve my wrists as I need them to play the Piano and Organ during Holy Week.  However, Sunday is my birthday and I treated myself to $70.00 worth of Cascade 220 yarn, so stay tuned...because I will be knitting with my new treats soon!

As for Brittany...well I have no idea what she's doing...she's probably anxiously waiting for her 60 Quick Baby Knits Book ;)

As for now, I wanted to write about the infamous Waffle Mittens.

Why do I call them the infamous Waffle Mittens? is because I have made 5 different Waffle Mittens over the course of last year! This is a good pattern, but I am sick of making Waffle Mittens. So many of my knitting friends tease me because I have made so many of them! I made Waffle Mittens for my entire Facilities Crew last year. I also made some for a friend for her birthday, and of coarse, a pair for myself.

I have made this pattern so much that I have finally memorized it.

People love this pattern, I can't explain it, but people cling to this pattern. I really liked knitting this pattern, because it was simple enough to work on with distractions; yet, difficult enough that it looked awesome to my expert knitting friends. I do not have any issues with this pattern at all, probably because I have made it so many times. The key lies in following the chart. At first, this was difficult for me because I am not used to following charts. However, it got easier the more often I worked on the mittens.

I used a few different yarns for the Waffle Mittens. My first pair was ECO Cascade Chunky in Creame. I used Cascade 220 Purple for another pair, and Frog Tree for another pair. I also used Nashua Hand Knits for another pair.

Here are the Waffle Mittens I've made so far!
This one is an in progress for a Co-Worker Jenna.  The color looks deceiving, but it is a deep purple. The yarn is Cascade 220!

This mitten was made for my good friend Lauren.  She wanted a nice durable mitten but something softer than Cascade 220.  I selected a Nashua Handknits Brown.  I saw her wear her mittens every single day of the winter season...biggest smile on my face came from her this year!!!!

This was my first pair of Waffle Mittens...I made them for myself! I used Sirdar ECO Cream Yarn for them.  I loved the pattern I made them in a single day!

This pair I made for my Co-Worker Alyssa...I used Sirdar ECO Tweeted Yarn.  I really liked making them out of this yarn because they were very colorful.  I hope she liked them!

And finally, the color changing Waffle Mittens.  (Please ignore my crazy looking bangs!)
These are still being made.  (They are a Belated Birthday Gift for my friend Zoe--Don't worry she knows about them!!!!) I decided to try color changes for these mittens.  I figured Zoe would be highly impressed with the color changing mittens.  It is very easy to color change the mittens.  All your knits are one color and all your purls are another color. 

If you are looking for an easy mitten project, I would suggest giving the famous Waffle Mittens a try.  Please post your Waffle Mittens... I would love to see what you did with this simple, yet exciting pattern!!!

Happy Knitting

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4 Progress Update

Below is a progress update as of April 4, 2011. Our progress has slowed down a little due to our lives speeding up. Our goal is to complete five projects each by June 1. That will bring our total completed projects to 30 projects. As normal you will see an update of how many projects we have completed, started, or are still waiting to be started. If a project is still waiting it may have a name next to it. Some may not because a few of them we are going to decide on later. As in previous update posts if the project name is colored pink it is in progress by Brittany and if colored green it is in progress by Em. If the project name is colored and crossed out that means it is completed. We will also have Pattern Entries linked next to each project as we update the blog with our evaluations and input on each pattern.

As of April 4, 2011:
22/60 Projects - Completed
15/60 Projects - Works In Progess
23/60 Projects - Waiting to be Started

Pattern #1 Chain-Link Scarf (Brittany)

Pattern #2 Cable Brim Tam (Brittany)

Pattern #3 Waffle Mittens

Pattern #4 Puppy Mittens

Pattern #5 Tweed Watch Cap - Project Entry

Pattern #6 Tied Rectangle Wrap

Pattern #7 Embroidered Mittens

Pattern #8 Lion Scarf

Pattern #9 Monkey Hat (Em)

Pattern #10 Diagonal Stripes Hat

Pattern #11 Wave Scarf - Project Entry

Pattern #12 Cables & Wraps Scarf

Pattern #13 Ribbed Wristers - In Progress Project Entry

Pattern #14 Zigzag Scarf (Em)

Pattern #15 Striped Bobbled Hat (Brittany)

Pattern #16 Ribbed Bonnet (Em)

Pattern #17 Plaid Mittens

Pattern #18 Striped Graduated Scarf

Pattern #19 Twisted Toque

Pattern #20 Textured Triple-Stripe Scarf

Pattern #21 Birdcage Mittens

Pattern #22 Bobbles & Cables Cap - Project Entry

Pattern #23 Smocked Fingerless Mitts - Project Entry

Pattern #24 Mittered Scarf

Pattern #25 Ribbed Keyhole Scarf

Pattern #26 Basketweave Scarf - Project Entry

Pattern #27 Scalloped-Edge Beanie - Project Entry

Pattern #28 Reverse Stockinette Mittens

Pattern #29 Cupcake Hat (Brittany)

Pattern #30 Eyelet Scarf

Pattern #31 Garter-Ridged Hat

Pattern #32 Garter-Stitch Neck Wrap

Pattern #33 Pocket Cap

Pattern #34 Checkered Mittens - Project Entry

Pattern #35 Textured Tam (Em)

Pattern #36 Leaf Scarf (Em)

Pattern #37 Mock Cable Wristers - In Progress Project Entry, Completed Project Entry

Pattern #38 Garter-Ridged Scarf

Pattern #39 Cables & Stripes Mittens - Project Entry

Pattern #40 Tweed Mittens - Project Entry

Pattern #41 Pocket Scarf

Pattern #42 Ribbed Pillbox - Blog Post Soon

Pattern #43 Octopus Mittens (Brittany)

Pattern #44 Tasseled Topper (Brittany)

Pattern #45 Bunny Mittens - Project Entry

Pattern #46 Leaf-Lace Gauntlets (Em)

Pattern #47 Striped & Ruffled Wrap

Pattern #48 Starfish Hat - Project Entry

Pattern #49 Slip-Stitched Hat - Project Entry

Pattern #50 Ruffled Scarf (Brittany)

Pattern #51 Cabled-Cuff Mittens (Em)

Pattern #52 Cabled Scarf Hat - In Progress Project Entry

Pattern #53 Two-Color Slip-Stitched Hat - Project Entry

Pattern #54 Twisted-Rib Hat (Em)

Pattern #55 Triple-Cable Scarf

Pattern #56 Flip-Top Mittens

Pattern #57 Drop-Stitch Neck Wrap

Pattern #58 Spotted Fair Isle Mittens

Pattern #59 Hugs & Kisses Mittens

Pattern #60 Scandinavian Mittens

More information to come soon!