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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pattern #39 Cables & Stripes Mittens

Hey Everybody It's Em!

Brittany and I are going to try to introduce ourselves at the beginning of the entry so you know who is talking! We are sorry if there was any confusion in prior entries. We will do our best to identify ourselves in the future!!!!

Now onto the knitting...

The reason I bought this book...was because of these mittens!!!

I love the cable mittens!

Two of my friends in school requested for me to make them a pair. The first pair I finished are used with Eco Cascade. I won it last year at Stitches Midwest:) Since the yarn is a little finer (at least I felt it was) than the worsted 220, I feel my personal pair of these mittens are a little thin. If I could go back I would have made these with an actual worsted weight yarn.

I think that is why the mittens are much smaller than the other pair too. I followed the pattern exactly and the mittens came out two difference sizes. I don't have a picture of the other mitten, but when I finish them, I'll post a picture!

The pattern is a little misleading. I thought the pattern went all away around the mittens. Turns out, it is only the top of the hand that gets the awesome pattern.

That is okay, I enjoyed the fact it was only on part of the hand. When the other hand has just the st st it makes them different. Plus, it makes things fit in the hands nicer. Once I got the pattern down, the knitting went by quickly. I liked how the cables were layed out like a checkerboard. It kept things interesting during the knitting.

The thing I don't like about this pattern? The color changes. It's not the pattern's fault, I just don't like don't color changes. While Brittany doesn't mind the sewing, I do. That is because I am an epic failure at it. When I join yarn, there is always some kind of hole that I have to resew up. There have been times my knitting has come apart because the ends were cut too early. Now, I try to weave all my ends in, but I detest it greatly. I am just not a fan. Therefore, I was glad with my friend Angie mentioned she wanted these in one color.

I didn't find these difficult. I would encourage first time mitten makers who are going to go beyond st st for the first time to try this knit. The cabling is simple and it looks so flashy!

Over and Out!

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