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Monday, February 7, 2011

Pattern #27 Scalloped-Edge Beanie

Lacy Christmas Hat

I made this hat for a friend from college. She went through my 60 Quick Knits book and told me she wanted this hat. When Christmas rolled around I decided to make it for her. I had to restart this hat several times because I did not do the yarn over correctly, at first. I really liked the colors I chose to make this hat. I purposely chose these colors because they matched the scarf I made her for Christmas 2008. The only thing I was not sure I liked about the hat, was it seemed a bit short when it was finished:
Katie's Christmas Hat
I know in the picture (in the book) it was kind of short too, so it may just be the pattern. My friend Katie was happy with the finished product, which is all that matters. Right?

Yarn Information: Cascade 220 Wool - #7808 (Purple Hyacinth) & Cascade 220 Paints - #9921 (Caribbean Sea)

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