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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pattern #48 Starfish Hat

Starfish Cap
I fell in love with this pattern from the second I laid my eyes on it. It is so beautiful. I chose a nice pale pink that I thought would match both of my coats. My mom was surprised by the color because I normally choose purple, but for some reason I was just drawn to the pink. I wanted to pick a somewhat light color that really drew your eye to the starfish in the back of the hat.
Starfish Cap
Before starting the project, I read many reviews on the pattern and noticed many people saying that the hat seemed to small or did not slouch enough. To change this I decided to use a size 7 knitting needle instead of a size 6. If I were to make this hat again I would use a size 6 needle on the brim and then switch to a size 7 needle. This would make the brim tighter on my head, but still give the hat a nicer slouch. I like the amount of slouch my hat has, but some might not think it is slouchy enough. If you don't seem to think the hat has enough slouch (based on my own pictures) you could always add a few extra rounds of -K17, work twisted rib panel over next 5 sts; rep from around-. The directions say to repeat the rows until the piece measures 7 1/2" however if you want it more slouchy maybe keep knitting until it measures about 8 1/2" or 9".

I can honestly say this was one of my favorite patterns in the whole book and I would happily make it again in the future. (As soon as I'm finished with my other 60 Quick Knits projects)

Yarn Information: Cascade 220 #9475 (Cotton Candy)

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