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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pattern #26 Basketweave Scarf

Hey all, it's Em!
It's spring break over here in Green Bay, WI. Both Brittany and I have been enjoying the nice sunshine here!!! Because it is so nice outside, our knitting has been taking a slight backseat. However, we can promise you that we will be back to knitting as soon as we are settled into this nice warm weather:) (Or it snows again...)

Here we are...enjoying the first "true" week of spring by shopping! (No we didn't get the bling-bling sunglasses...)

I just completed the Basketweave Scarf! I used Creative Focus Nashua Worsted Yarn. I love Nashua because they have such pretty colors. I love the feeling of the yarn in my hands. However, since the yarn splits, it was very hard to knit with this pattern.

I started with a size 7 needle. I was having issues knitting with this smal of a needle. In result, I bumped up to a size 9. I had a lot more luck knitting with a size nine needle. Why? I think it was because of the stitch. With this pattern, one does a lot of stitch twisting. For me, it is easier to do stitch twisting with a larger needle. My hands tend to hurt if it is too small of a needle. Since this yarn tends to split easier than other yarns, it was crucial for me to have the most comfortable yarn and needle combo I could come up with.

I discovered about 1/2 way through the pattern that I needed 2 skeins of Cascade 220 yarn to make this scarf. Nashua Creative Focus has 220 yards on a skein...but I didn't have the correct color to match up with it. Instead of hunting for another skein of this yarn, I decided to make this yarn a scarflet.

I really liked this pattern. It was simple but yet eye appealing. I would advise using Cascade 220 yarn. Cascade rarely splits which will make the knitting process easier.

I will be blocking this scarf soon! I believe that blocking the scarf will give it length and make the edges smoother.

That's all I have for now!

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