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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pattern #54 The Twisted-Rib Hat

Greetings Fellow Knitters!

It is Em!  I've been busy knitting as much as possible because I am still on break before the big student teaching adventure begins!!!  My goal, of getting three knitted projects done, is going well. I'm one third of the way done!!!  However, I'm looking at what needs to be done and most of the projects are scarves...

Today I am going to talk about the Twisted Ribbed Hat (Pattern 54).

This pattern was my first top down hat.  I must say I was pretty upset when I started this pattern.  I tried making the ribbed bonnet (Pattern 16) and failed.  I didn't like starting with double points and then making more and more stitches.   You actually double your yarn, which makes the knitting thicker and more difficult to do.  It really bothered my hands, so I gave up and made Brittany do the project.

Well, wouldn't you know this hat used the same technique?  The Twisted Ribbed Hat and the Bonnet are siblings: the same designer made them both! So once again, I casted on my stitches with my doubled yarn on my DPNS and went to work. Determined to be able to do it, I worked on my hat.  At first it was really hard to see how the hat was working out.   You can see in the photo below how oddly shaped the first part of the hat actually was. 

I was pulling and pulling the stitches around my circular needle.  The stitches were tight.   I had the correct amount of stitches on the needle, but I think because I was so close to the top, the stitches were being pulled into several different directions.   In the photo below I had to actually pull and adjust the stitches to go into a circle.  About an inch later into the pattern, the hat began to take the form of a hat all by itself.  I just had to have patience!

The more I knitted with the hat, the easier it became.  I still had to push my stitches around my needle (I believe that is my circular needle's problem and not the pattern), but it became so much easier.  I started knitting this pattern more and more...

Then my circular needle broke....that was a bummer...I lost about 10 stitches of my hat.  It was hard to fix because A/it was a little dark and B/I was trying to watch Tangled! I stopped my movie and worked on those stitches for about 30 minutes.  After some work and creativity, I picked up my stitches.


Then, I ran out of yarn!  Once again, I failed to read the instructions and didn't see the 2 skein requirement.  But to my defense, I don't think I've ever made a hat that required more than 1 skein!!! So when I ran out of yarn at 2:30AM, I just looked for another skein that would match.  I found a nice wine purple to use for the bottom ribbing.  I think it makes the hat look unique. 

I'm very satisfied with my fits (for the most part, I have a big head), it is comfortable and soft! I used Cascade 220 Heather 9326 and Cascade 220 Heathers 9454 for the ribbed edging.  (My ipod doesn't always capture the true color of the yarn, so the colors appear lighter when they are not.)

That's all for now!  Have a great one knitters!!

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