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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pattern #8 Lion Scarf

Greetings Everybody It is Em!

I'm so happy to say that A/we completed our finish five project goal and B/our "waiting to be started" is now officially under 10 projects!  We really are on the downhill of our progress.  Our goal to finish is the end of June 2012, so we are doing pretty good.  I am going to set my own personal goal for the next month.  My goal is to finish 2 projects in the 60 Quick Knits world.  One MUST be part of my "in progress" projects that are just sitting and collecting dust.

Today I am going to write about Project 8: the Lion Scarf.

I really liked this project.  It was a simple, fun and relaxing project to work on.  In fact, the majority of the time I was watching a movie while knitting this piece!  What I love about (the original) 60 Quick Knits Book is that there is a very good balance of projects.  Some projects are indeed easy, such as this Lion Scarf while others are an enjoyable challenge (Leaf-Lace Gauntlets)  I have not had much of an opportunity to work on any scarf with a seed stitch since I first started knitting.  I feel that the seed stitch made this project interesting, verses just boring garter stitch.

I did make this scarf shorter.  That is because the person who will be wearing my scarf is really tiny...right now, he is only a few days old!!!  (He was born on Christmas Day!)

I made a video to describe how to put on the tassels for this scarf.  I did this because I was struggling to find a great way to explain it written out.  When I was first starting to knit, I had a really hard time with the finishing (wait...I still do!) and I wish that somebody told me how to do it instead of just looking at it in a book.   I added extra commentary about the scarf as well too.  I also learned how to add those little speech bubbles you see pop up on youtube videos, so you'll see some of my comments (and a little bit of my cheesy humor) pop up on that as well!  Clink on the link to see the video!

Pattern #8 Scarf Tutorial
(if the link won't open, please copy and paste )

I mention in the video over and over again that "you need to plan" the right amount of the tassels.  I would advise cutting about 3.5 inches of tassel instead of the advised 5 inches of tassel.  I had so much that I was chopping off that I could have gotten away with doing it shorter.  I also did not use a guideline, that is, a piece of yarn gently woven in where I was supposed to put the tassels.

Also, if one feels that I did tassels differently, this was the way I learned how do to tassels.  I find them to be quick to do when done in this fashion.  Also, it still gives a clean edge. 

Finally, for the finished product, I didn't add the tail.  I just don't like crocheting.  (Sorry Brittany!).  I picked out a button for a nose instead.  I like buttons and I didn't want to go digging for a small piece of fabric, since I don't really have any fabric at home!

Yarn I used for the scarf: Cascade Superwash and Unknown Yarn.  (I know it was 100% wool, which I KNOW defeats the purpose of Superwash, but the colors lined up.)

I hope this helps!!!  Have a wonderful day!

Em and Brittany

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