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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pattern #49 Slip-Stitched Hat

Burgundy and Gold Hat

It is always difficult to figure out a good gift for my dad. I searched through this wonderful book and finally found a pattern that would work. The picture in the book made it seem a bit feminine, but without the leaf pin it definitely works for a man, too. I must have redone this hat about 3 or 4 times before I liked it. My dad loves burgundy and gold, but this hat was difficult to do color changes on. If you would like to do color changes here is what I did:

Color A (burgundy)
Color B (gold)

Garter Stitch - Rnd 1-2 (color A), Rnd 3-6 (color B), Rnd 7-8 (color A)

Slip-Stitch Pattern - Rnd 1 (color B), Rnd 2 (color A), Rnd 3 - K4 (color A), follow direction with color B, k7 color A
Idea is that gold is loose strand then you knit with burgundy and when pulling up the gold use gold.
After about 12 rnds of color A being the base color I switched to color B being the main color, then after about 20 rnds of B being the main color I switched back to color A being the main color and finished off the hat.

Burgundy and Gold Hat

I will probably eventually add a piece of fleece inside the hat. The slip-stitches cause a lot of strings inside the hat. If you do the color changes as I have done you will notice even more strings lining the inside. Make sure to knit somewhat loose so that the hat is not too tight when you are finished!

Yarn Information: Cascade 220 Heather #4008 (Carmine) & Cascade 220 #2415 (Sunflower)

Hope you enjoyed! If you would like to see more pictures check out my Flickr Account.

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