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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pattern #40 Tweed Mittens

Christa's Christmas Mittens
When deciding on Christmas gifts, I chose mostly 60 Quick Knits. This was of course before Em and I made our resolution. I really enjoy looking at all the lovely patterns in the book. I settled on the tweed mittens and used some yarn I bought from our LYS. The pattern was rather simple and I started knitting them during a rummage sale in the middle of the summer. Of all the mittens I have made these mittens had the nicest thumbs. These mittens were not short like the Checkered Mittens, but instead a nice height. Again I used Cascade 220 to make these. As you can see my sister-in-law enjoyed getting them. They will definitely keep her hands warm this winter and for many winters to come.

Yarn Information: Cascade 220 Heather #2419 (Aster) and Cascade 220 Paints #9921 (Caribbean Sea)

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  1. They are beautiful mittens. But please help me! I've made lots of mittens in my time (and fingerless mitts), but explain the thumb instructions. I must be missing something here. I don't see how you can knit 9, put them back on the left needle and then knit them again. Where is the working yarn. And how do you get 18 live stitches out of that for later? Hmmm. Thanks. ~Claudia

  2. Claudia, this is a GREAT question. I was confused by the thumb at first too. What you need to know is it is asking you to start an afterthought thumb. When you create an afterthought thumb you have to knit onto scrap yarn so that later you can finish the thumb. The first 9 stitches are made onto scrap yarn, then you turn and purl these (or you can push them back like it says originally. Then you knit over those stitches with your original yarn. This youtube video should help you out:

    Please let me know if you still need help.


  3. thank you for answering that question about the thumbs! I totally got stuck there also and was starting to panic. thank you thank you thank you :D - Jenny