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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pattern #52 Cabled Scarf Hat

Hey Everybody!
It's Em! I'm in Minnesota right now with the family...Brittany is on vacation with her family in Virginia.  Nevertheless both of us are knitting!!!

While I was at Barnes and Noble with my friend Donna, I am proud to say, I finally finished my scarf hat!!! (Pattern #52)

 I am so excited.  This one has been a long time waiting.

I had some issues with this project.  First of all, the pattern calls for size 8 needles for the scarf and then size 6 for the hat.  At first I tried using these suggestions.  However, after I got about a third into the hat I realized that my gauge was going to be too small if I kept on using this needle.  Therefore, I switched to a size 7 needle instead.  I was very pleased with the results.

I have some anxiety about knitting a hat where they tell you how many rounds you have to make.  This pattern called for 39 rounds before you had another 15 decrease rounds.  It is hard to believe that within that many rounds I can make a hat.  My biggest complaint is the pattern gives you too few rounds to make the hat (and you have to follow it because you are doing a specific pattern) but yet the hat ends up being way too short.  (You will hear me complain about this in a future blog about the Textured Tam.)

I liked how they suggested to do the tassels.  According to the book, one should cut several 8 inch strands.  Take three of them to make a tassel.  I feel that it is too easy to make too large of tassels (or too little of them) on a hat.  This size was perfect.  I also made a nice big tassel on the top of the hat, instead of the pom-pom that is! (Pom-poms and Em do not go together very well!)

If anybody is interested in making this hat, remember these two things:
1) Make the scarf part longer.  I couldn't get the scarf around my neck because it was too short.  Instead of doing 3 repeats, I did 4.  It made it long enough so I could actually benefit from using the scarf and hat combo.

2) Whatever size you use for the scarf, go down ONE size for the hat. Using the same size for the hat will not work.  It will be too big for your head. (I tried this too, and that's why part of it sticks out funny in the photo.) Going down one size will take less time, plus it won't look so strange between the scarf and the hat.  Also, as I said before, it will fit better.

From my research on Ravelry.  It seems that most people enjoyed this scarf.  If I could have used better yarn (I used Bernet, not my favorite) I probably would have enjoyed this pattern more too.

Also, for the decreased rounds.  They have you take a darning needle into 25 stitches.  I felt that was too many stitches to tie together with.  Therefore, I repeated the last round (p1, ssk) for another 3 rounds so I ended up with only 9(?) stitches.  It worked so much better because it gave a few extra mm's to the hat.  It also was easier to bind off the project.

Happy Knitting,

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