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Friday, September 16, 2011

Pattern #41 The Pocket Scarf

Hello Bloggers,

This is Em.  School is underway.  Right now I am in my 3rd week of school.  Things are not too crazy yet.  I've been doing a lot of non 60-Quick Knit knitting right now.  That's because I am trying to finish all the baby garments I am making for gifts and what not.  Brittany is having a ball teaching, she is at two different school districts teachigh music, as her school year(s) are underway as well!  From what I have seen on her profile, things are going very well for her.

 Today I am writing about one of my first scarves from this book: The Pocket Scarf!

While I was pre-student teaching, I was in a carpool, to help calm my nerves, I worked on the knitted Pocket Scarf.  This is a very quick knit.  I didn't have a lot of problems with it...except by the time I got going on it, I had to put it away and go teach 4th/5th graders! 

I made this scarf in a total of 5 weeks.  (Remember, I only worked on it for maybe 20 minutes a day.) The pattern is very simple and it's a great: I'm knitting for the sake of knitting kind of night.  You know, the ones where you don't want to think too hard...

Making the pockets was something else.  I ran out of yarn! That's why you will notice on my scarf there are two different colors.  You will need more than one skein, of each color, in order to finish up this project.  I sadly couldn't find the other color, so I got one that was similar.

I purchased the buttons at a LYS; I chose wooden buttons because I thought it would make a great earthy look.

I was asked several times if I blocked this scarf.  No, I don't block scarves.  That's because they hang all weird on your body regardless of what you do.  However, since the edges tend to roll in, I might consider blocking it in the future.  We'll see ;)
According to the Cascade Errata Website, there is an error in the pattern:

1. Row 1 of Pockets is incorrect, it should read as follows:
POCKETS (make 2)
With A… foll:
Row 1 (WS) K7, p16, k7.
Continue as written to FINISHING.

After blocking, position WS of pocket A to WS of pocket lining section B (RS of Scarf) as directed.
Using A (same color as pocket), tack each corner of pocket to scarf.
Continue as written.

I did not find this error when I was knitting it...but I also think I didn't exactly read the pattern when making the button holes.

The yarn used for this project was the yarn that the pattern originally asked for. (As well as my mystery yarn that I never figured out the name of...)

That's all for now...Happy Knitting!


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