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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pattern #12 Cables & Wraps Scarf

Hello Everybody it is Em!

I wanted to talk about the Cables & Wraps Scarf today!

This is a project that I started and restarted a few times. This was one of my first projects in the 60 Quick Knits Book. That's right...I started this particular scarf not in 2011 when we started our goal...but in 2009, way before Brittany had the book! (Actually, I have no idea if she had the book at this point.)

So why has it taken me this long to write about this pattern? Well, the reason is very simple. I have started and frogged this scarf quite a few times. First my yarn was too thin. I used a sport weight yarn and it was taking FOREVER. So I changed the yarn. Second time was my own darn fault. I didn't store my knitting in a good place and the project kept falling off the needle.

The third time I made the scarf, I found this particular pattern to be difficult. I worked on this scarf while I was on my housekeeping job, therefore I got distracted too easily. Plus, all of the rows are extremely similar, so I would start reading one row and then move to the next row.

So, now a year later, I frogged it AGAIN and used the proper worsted weight Cascade 220 yarn. I have been able to knit this scarf more than 2 inches ever since!

I purposely used a lighter color so everybody can see the complicated pattern. I feel if I am going to take this much time working on this pattern, then I must make sure that everybody can see it. I found a misfit skein of Cascade 220 Heathers sitting at my local yarn shop and decided it needed to be made into this awesome scarf.

The downside to finding this misfit yarn is that I realized that I am going to need 2 skeins of this yarn! I assumed that all the 60 Quick Knit projects that had only one color only took one skein... and you know what the old saying goes about assuming. So now I am on a quest to find more of this yarn! I also don't even know the original color of this yarn. It's a beautiful off-white heather tone. I am going to make an educated guess that the number of this yarn is 9600. I will have to figure that out soon! If I can't find it,  I might do a two-colored scarf like Brittany did for the Wave Scarf (Pattern #11)

As for errors... there seems to be one that I have found. This might not make complete sense unless you have the book in front of you. Bear with me please! On Row 3 you are increasing stitches to make the ovals. These ovals are a total of 7 stitches. In order to increase these stitches, you are supposed to knit into the next stitch. On Row 3 you currently have 5 stitches in the oval part of the scarf. You K2, K into the next stitch, K2. Row 4 has you knitting all 7 of those oval stitches... but according to my math teacher, the calculator, and my own pen and paper: 2+2+2=6 not 7. This means that we need to increase an extra stitch within the five original stitches.

In conclusion: it should be written like this
Row 3: P1, *k2, inc in next st, inc in next st, k1, p2, k1tbl, p2, sl 3wyif, p2, k1 tbl, p2: rep from *once more, end K2, inc in next st, inc in next st, k1, p1

Row 4: k1, p7....etc...

This scarf is a lot of fun to make. The pattern really isn't that complicated once you have done enough repeats. This scarf does take a while to finish, but it is worth the time put into it! I cannot wait to see mine finished!!! Hopefully I will overcome all the issues I'm having with finding the second ball of yarn to go with it!


1 comment:

  1. I have read your correction for Row 3 of the "pattern stitch".
    Whoa! I can't even get past Row 1 of the "pattern stitch"!
    I have "rep from * once" and I have 6 stitches left on the left needle - it's telling me to end k1, inc in next st, k1, p1. How can that be???