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Friday, June 10, 2011

Pattern #42 Ribbed Pillbox

Ribbed Pillbox Hat

Hello everyone, this is Brittany. I am finally posting after a couple months of not posting. I have been rather busy with teaching, but it is finally summer! That means that I have time for knitting again. I also have some time to blog again, too!

Today, I am going to talk about the Ribbed Pillbox. This pattern, like a few of the others, I was not quite sure about when I first saw it. I liked the color used in the book, but was not sure how it would actually look on me. The picture in the book did not necessarily do it justice. However, I saw many other Ribbed Pillbox hats that others in Ravelry made. A few that I was especially inspired by include: PinkKnitter, stitchingnut, and chitknit. There are also some other great versions, but those are just a few that I really like.

This pattern was quite simple and knit up rather quickly. I did not notice any errors in the pattern and was happy with the final result.

Ribbed Pillbox Hat

Yarn Information: Cascade 220 - #8887 (Dark Lavendar)

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Thanks for reading!

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